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Bulk SMS

Through the SMS Nine 9 portal, you can an SMS to a large number group of people with just one submission
The service is excellent for reminders, marketing, etc.


Your business application/system can call SMS Nine 9 API to send SMS to your customer at no
extra cost.

SMS Reseller

After creating your account with SMS Nine 9, you can find your own customers to register under you name. You can then decide on how much you will charge them per SMS.

Hot Deals
  • Blue Package

  • Send single SMS
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • Manage Contacts and Groups
  • Delivery Report
  • SMS sent history
  • SMS bundle 350 to 5000
  • @ 27c per SMS
Total Cost R
  • Bronze Package

  • Send single SMS
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • Manage Contacts and Groups
  • Delivery Report
  • SMS sent history
  • SMS bundle 6500 to 50000
  • @ 22c per SMS
  • 6,500
    Total Cost R
  • Platinum Package

  • Send single SMS
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • Manage Contacts and Groups
  • Delivery Report
  • SMS sent history
  • SMS bundle 80000 to 250000
  • @ 17c per SMS

  • 80,000
    Total Cost R

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API Integration

    SMS Nine 9 delivers exceptional APIs for SMS services. The APIs are based on REST and they use HTTP authentication. Data is captured through JSON format. In order to use SMS Nine 9 API services, you required a valid SMS Nine 9 account; if you don't have one yet, please click here to register for a FREE account. For more information, send us a message and we will gladly provide you with more information.

SMS Reseller
  • SMS Reselling is recurring business. You only need to find a customer once and as long the client uses your system you will receive an income. As your customer send SMS's you will be making profit.
  • Bulk sms are vaulable for organisation such as schools, crèches, medium to small businesses, churches, etc. the list is endless.
  • SMS Reseller buys bulk SMS credits and then resells them to customers at a profit..
  • SMS Nine 9 will provide you with a platform to this business. SMS Nine 9 we create a domain(such as www.yourbusiness.co.za) and and if your business/company has a logo, we will add it.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us for more information: Contact Us

Why SMS Nine 9?


Notify your customers out of internet reach in real time. People are increasingly with their mobile phone devices . SMS is thus very reliable as statistics shows that 98% of SMSs are read.

Value for Money

No Contracts or Hidden costs. It costs less but the service is delivered with excellence.

Real time delivery reports

Delivery report feature which provides real-time delivery status of SMS sent.


No huge upfront money required. Determine how much you want to commit.

Contact Info

P.O Box 305, Sanlamhof, 7532



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About SMS Nine 9

    SMS Nine 9 is a product of YOURS NINE 9 Pty(LTD) company that is B-BBEE Level One. SMS Nine 9 offers a bulk sms service covering rest of Africa and around the world network providers. Bulk SMS are utilised by large and small companies, schools, crèches, governments, churches and others for alerts, reminders, marketing, information and communication between both staff and customers. SMS are instant, reliable and cost-effective. They work on any handset, anywhere in the world. Hence, they are effective for communication. SMS Nine 9 provides this service to direct customers and resellers.

Bulk SMS
Bulk messaging is the sending of a large number of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phones. This service can be used effectively by big or small companies. The service can be used to remind, alert, market and etc.
In order to send SMS messages from your SMS Nine 9 account, you are required to first choose the product that best suits you, register, purchase SMS credits and upload or add your contacts to your chosen Bulk SMS platform, write your message, then hit send. That is it. It is as simple as that.
Our SMS message service will deliver the message to a mobile number within 15 seconds. In some rare cases, it may take up to 2 minutes to deliver. This however depends on the network of the recipient terminals, the number of SMS sent in a batch, etc.
SMS Nine 9 system allows you to send an SMS message to unlimited contacts in one submission.
SMS API allows your system to send sms by calling our system to do it on your behalf. This is seamless process, you will provide with all the information required such as cell number(s), message,etc. then SMS Nine 9 send the sms without using the SMS Nine 9 portal.
It primarily support REST API and also bulk submission by sending file will sms details.
SMS Nine 9 will provide with example code of various language such as PHP, JAVA, .NET, etc. This will accelerate the integration development. You can test integration without any cause by registering for free sms.
Yes, though this will be treated case-by-case and separate charge will apply. You can leave us a message of our requirements then we can take it from there.
SMS Reseller
SMS Reseller can start their business of selling Bulk SMS with their own brand and web portal. You will manage your own customers and define your own profits.
You can start making profit immediately. The sooner your clients start sending SMSs on your portal, the sooner you start making profit. The more SMSs they send the more profit you make.
Yes, you will start making money when you client start sending smses. You have control over set the price you want to charge per SMS to your clients.
SMS Reseller is good because people are communicating constantly, this means customers will always be there. Once they are registered, they will be able to log on and use the service without you having to do anything. This then becomes a low maintenance business model which allows you flexible working hours.
SMS Nine 9 is user friendly. The system has a step by step guide to assist users answer quesitions before they even ask them. SMS Nine 9 technical team is always on stand-by to assist if any problems are experienced.

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